Our Team

When you hire the Strand Fitness team, you will have a creative and valuable resource at your side. We are professional, knowledgeable, and compassionate. (And dare we say – we are fun and friendly too!)


Pam Strand

Owner/Personal Trainer

Over the past 16 (plus) years, Pam has trained and coached hundreds of people to be strong and fit and to live healthy and energetic lives.  She graduated top in her class at the National Personal Training Institute (Lisle, IL) where she received her personal training and nutrition counseling diplomas. And she has earned a nutrition coaching certification through Precision Nutrition. Pam is also a certified life coach with the warmth and intelligence that helps others succeed in whatever goal they set – particularly in getting their bodies and their minds strong and in shape.

Pam’s approach to fitness and in advising her clients is a culmination of her professional and personal experiences and interests. She has an insatiable curiosity of how the body and mind move and work together. Like many of her clients, she has the desire to stay active well into her later years. Having spent 25 years in corporate life, she understands the toll of a demanding career and helps clients navigate the challenge of balancing life and work. And she can personally relate to the desire of losing weight and getting in shape. She has her own journey of significant weight loss and of regaining her fitness and energy (read more about it here!).

With Pam at your side, you will learn a great deal about your body, yourself, and your life!