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Our Personal Trainers can change your body and your life – one workout at a time!

No need to struggle on your own.  When you hire Strand Fitness, you get a fitness partner who knows how to get results for the “slightly older” body. (Click on the links below to learn more.)

With our guidance, you can reach your goals. To learn how, contact Pam Strand (630.653.8152 or today to set up a free, no obligation consultation!

Strand Fitness is it! Working with Kecia is a pleasure and I’m getting a workout tailored to my needs. It’s the best decision I’ve made this year! – Rosemary Macdonald

With our seasoned personal trainers, you will have an expert who listens to you and relates to your goals and challenges.  We will make sure you are exercising safely and have a fitness program that makes sense for your body and your age. For over 14 years, Strand Fitness has been creating results for the middle-aged body in a comfortable, private environment. 

We understand fitness and the middle-aged body. (Yes, we are middle-aged too!)

  • Personalized workouts tailored to your body and to your goals.
  • Your choice on how you work with us – one-on-one, with a partner, or with a group of your friends

It is easy to get started at Strand Fitness!

First,  contact us to schedule a complimentary, obligation-free fitness consultation. In this session, we will identify your goals and outline the most effective way to reach them. 

Next, you complete a quick enrollment process (a short fitness questionnaire and waiver). Then, let us know your availability, and we will get your first session on the calendar. It is that easy and that quick!

There is no reason to delay! We’ll help you get going and keep moving towards your fitness goals. To schedule your complimentary, obligation-free fitness consultation, contact Pam at 630.653.8152 or