Strong Body & Healthy Bones

Strong muscles and bones keep you moving with confidence!

When you hire Strand Fitness, you work with personal trainers who know how to design a strength training program for the “slightly older” body. That’s our specialty! We have extensive experience in designing programs and creating results for people in their 40‘s, 50‘s, and 60‘s – and we even have a number of clients in their 70‘s. 

Develop strength with expert trainers who understand the challenges of lifting weights with a “slightly older” body! Contact Pam today ( or 630.653.8152).

We believe our age (yep, we are “slightly older” too) is a reason why so many people like our training. We know firsthand how to keep a body strong, injury-free, and moving well as it ages. As a result, you will be lifting heavier weight safely and have the benefits that come from strong and healthy muscles, bones, and joints.

 “My major accomplishment in working with Pam is that I can now successfully do sit-ups. That may sound lame, but it is coming from a person who could not even do 15 sit-ups. [Another accomplishment] is to know that I am at lease maintaining, if not improving, my bone density, as osteoporosis runs in my family. I feel different because I know I am much stronger.” – Jeanne I., Glen Ellyn, IL 

For women in particular, strength training is important for bone health – a way to prevent or manage osteoporosis. Women love training at Strand Fitness because we know how to tailor strength training to their needs. We make sure you are lifting with the right technique and with the amount of weight that is appropriate for you, your goals, and your age.

Keep your bones and joints healthy.

Your strength training program will be designed with your goals in mind. Respecting our client’s goals is a hallmark of our service. And we will create the right amount of motivation and accountability to get the results you want and keep you coming back for more! Yes, lifting weights can be a fun and rewarding experience!

Our space is private and distraction-free. No intimidation here.

You will feel welcomed and comfortable working out in our space. And our environment is friendly and low-key. All ages, body types, and fitness levels are welcomed!  

A strong body and active life are a phone call away! Schedule your free, no-obligation fitness consultation now.

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