Comprehensive Strength & Cardio Program

Get your workouts in. Enjoy being strong and fit!

If you “hate exercise,” know you won’t exercise on your own, or want someone to “kick your butt,” then hiring Strand Fitness is the right decision for you. Our personal trainers are friendly taskmasters who will hold you accountable and guide you in the proper approach to build strength, tone your body, and keep the weight off as you age. 

We’ll get you going and keep you moving. Contact Pam to get started! ( or 630.653.8152)

At Strand Fitness, you can count on workouts focused on your goals with an engaging mix of full body strength (especially core), cardio, balance, and flexibility. All done with professionalism and an expertise in working with the “slightly older” body. Heck, we are seasoned too! (The average age of our personal trainers is close to 48 years old.)

“Pam designs workouts that are 100% geared towards meeting my physical and emotional needs. She motivates me, yet is empathetic to my day-to-day distractions. By the end of my workouts, I always feel like I am going to have a great day. I continue to work with Pam (going on 12 years!) because our work together makes me feel strong, capable, confident and accomplished. Pam is committed to me!” – Lynne Gunn 

A lot of accountability and just the right guidance.

If you are a beginner in the gym, no worries. We know how to start slow and progress your fitness in a way that makes sense for your body. If you are an experienced exerciser, no problem. We can help you up your game with our deep and diverse knowledge of movement, exercise, nutrition, and program design. 

Our expert trainers will have meticulous focus on your technique to ensure you are working out at a high enough intensity to reach your goals but in a way that avoids injury.

“In my search for a 1:1 trainer, I was looking for someone who would understand the needs of a former ‘athlete’ like me; someone who competed in long distance events for over 30 years who feels the effects of aging with all the aches and pains… I researched other places in the area but wasn’t convinced that the trainers out there had the training/certifications nor the knowledge of an older woman’s changing body. Then I spoke with Strand Fitness and after one visit I knew this was the place for me… Their knowledge as athletes themselves as well as knowing the aging woman’s physical needs are like none that I have found out there. My strength has increased twofold in such a short time…” – Gwynne  

Work distraction-free in our private space.

We don’t have the commotion typical with a big fitness center or busy group training studio. You can get in, get your work done, and get on your way! We’ll work with you to create a workout schedule that meets the demands of your work and busy lifestyle.

Get going now – it’s quick and easy – schedule your fitness consultation (free, no-obligation) today!

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