Yoga Program

Be more limber and improve your balance!

Feeling stiff and unsteady is, for many, the most telling sign of aging.  It’s what makes us feel old!  The good news is that with regular practice, you can regain much of the flexibility and balance that you feel you might have lost with age.  And yoga is a perfect solution to make that happen.

We developed our yoga program for the “slightly older” body. With Strand yoga, you can

  • Create more flexibility and better balance
  • Move with more ease and more confidence
  • Reduce the “annoying” aches and pains that come with aging.

Personalize your fitness program at Strand Fitness.  Practice yoga in addition to your personal training sessions.  All led by experienced and seasoned teachers and trainers who know what it takes to be stronger and healthier as you age!

Calm your mind and manage stress, too!

Yoga is also a great solution for managing stress and relieving tension.  With regular practice, your body and your mind will become more resilient in dealing with stress and the demands of your life.   That’s the magic of combining gentle movement with breath!

Personalized programming at its best!

The hallmark of our fitness center is personalized programming.   And that is alive and well within our yoga program.  Your yoga teacher will tailor your program to you and your goals.  Never practiced yoga before?  Tired of being lost or intimidated in a large class?  Then our yoga program is for you!

  • Experience the highest level of personalization by practicing one-on-one.
  • Share a session with a friend in our partner yoga.
  • Enjoy the continuity and community of our semi-private sessions.

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Build a stronger and healthier you at Strand Fitness!  Contact Pam to get started (630-653-8152; or fill out the contact form below. 

Practice yoga in a welcoming environment tailored to your needs!

Our yoga studio is small, private, and welcoming.  We’ve kept it simple so you can relax and get the most out of your sessions.   No intimidation here.  Just a quiet studio with like-minded people, working to be stronger and healthier and enjoy life more!


Contact Pam (630-653-8152) or email her (